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What is it about dreams that inspires so much interest in us? Is it their lingering sense of reality mere seconds after waking from one? Or is it the way in which they sometimes tend to evoke our innermost feelings with ease? Perhaps it's the fact that something so common, so routine, can still manage to elude our knowledge so effortlessly. Dreams are often authors of our curiosity, and as with anything in this world we cannot manage to understand, we strive to interpret.

Aura Aspic is a yume nikki fan game developed by Dream Key for the Dream Jam 2018. The game was developed with RPG Maker MV and produced closely following the spirit of the original yume nikki by kikiyama, as such it focuses mainly on exploration and free interpretation of everything the player experiences.

Some of it's features include:

  • Many worlds to explore.
  • A few effects to find which are intended to aid the player in the navigation.
  • Original soundtrack produced for the project.
  • A cool piano.

The project is currently in a demo version and as such lacks a proper ending. At the moment the player is able to find 4 different effects in the game and utilize them in any way they find appropriate. 

Average game lenght: ~1 hour

Aura Aspic Official Soundtrack

Install instructions

  • Extract the folder.  
  • Run game.exe
  • Don't forget to check the ReadMe file.


Aura Aspic ver0.00.rar 159 MB

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